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What is Sports betting?

Sports betting starts with the specific odds, including the total of goal score (score), the tie between winning and losing, even the score in a specific time. Football is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, and most national leagues, including the European Champions League, are playing uninterruptedly in a year. The number of teams involved and their influence are less than those of other sports, so it is called the sport that receives the most attention and invests a lot of money in the sports gambling industry. Sports gambling refers to the legal or illegal gambling behavior of speculating on the results of unproductive sports games and betting money to win or lose.

Sports betting range:

Football, basketball, tennis, golf, racing, motorcycle racing, boxing, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, American football, Australian football, billiards, dog racing, horse racing, track and field, swimming and so on.

Overview of Sports Betting History:

Sports Betting History, almost as long as the history of sports competitions. The horse racing in the spring and Autumn period is one of the earliest records of ancient Chinese sports betting. In Australia, there was a legitimate horse racing gambling in 1879. Sports betting was legalized on May 1, 1961 In Britain, . In 1998, the British sports company launched the online sports betting business. It is the earliest operator to conduct legitimate Internet sports betting business.

Economic Scale of Sports Betting:

The economic scale of Sports Gambling is very large, manufacturing and maintaining a large number of employment. According to the UK GBGC Survey, the global legal sports betting was 163.3 billion pounds in 1998 and 331.5 billion pounds in 2004.

Sports Betting in Asia also began to become popular in the 05 years. The government claimed that gambling in the 01 years was legal, leading to the springing up of the island and the establishment of the first group authorized the city of entertainment, and so on. After that, the sports lottery has gradually developed to the Internet. Up to now, the number of sports betting in the world has exceeded 70%. They are all involved in the network.

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